Carpenters, not welders, built the Ford Victoria as can be seen in these two photos of another one being restored back to original.

This is the overwhelming challenge to hot rod one of these cars.

The wood worked well with the original 40 horses that Henry provided being able to bend and flex over the rutted dirt roads, but with 400 plus horsepower and tons of torque launching from asphalt, the wood just has to go!

‚ÄčThere are no kits for replacing that wood and there wasn't a kit back in 1961. Every piece of steel you see here and many that you don't see were each painstakingly created by hand to replace that wood and then knitted together with tig welds to form the foundation ‚Äčof this period correct gasser.

Door "B" Pillar 


Like most of the rest of the Vicky's substructure, the door "B" pillars were also originally constructed from wood. The wood was actually in good shape and it would have been so much easier to just leave them alone but Jimmy White said they had to go..... I knew what I wanted in the end but thank God, Jimmy had the engineering skills to accomplish the vision. So hundreds of hours later, bars of steel became exact replacements for the discarded wood and since I wanted the finished product to be indistinguishable from the Ford original, we covered all this work with the original thin wood tacking strips and the original pillar covers and installed the original latches, just like Henry did.

The result is that when looking at the B pillar, it looks like it would have looked if we had left the original pillars alone....exactly what I wanted but if I didn't tell you, you never would have known. Crazy?