Every once in awhile the stars just align......

I had been looking for the right guy to sew up the Vicky for quite some time long before the build ever began. I needed someone that really understood, and I hate this phrase, "old school" construction.

My first choice was Fat Lucky who was based out of the Austin Speed Shop but after talking with a couple people from ASS it seemed the demand for his talents had him booked solid

- as in forever. When we began putting this together in 2007 I still did not have anybody to tackle the interior.

A couple of years went by and then, just when we needed him I turn around an low and behold Sean has taken time off to see friends in California. Well one of his buddies is Jimmy White and Jimmy shows him the car and then ......the stars and the stitches do indeed align!


We installed the 1936 Ford dash, welded up the original gauge holes and re-drilled it for the NOS Stewart Warner late '50's Large logo gauges. The dash waterfall now holds an NOS WWII B-1 bomber magneto switch which now controls the Joe Hunt magneto in this little street fighter. The NOS Carter 4070 electric fuel pump is also controlled by the magneto switch. To monitor the heartbeat, a vintage cable driven Jone's tachometer anchors the cluster. The Kugel 90 degree pedal assembly with the grafted on 1959 pedals is visible here. 


Again, each piece had to be hand fabricated and fitted to the subfloor. As much as I enjoyed the progress, I was disappointed the artwork of the subfloor was being hidden. So much truly beautiful work, in so many areas, is hidden inside...

The seat sliders are original to the 1959 Volvo seats that mount on them. The hand brake is an NOS 1959 Austin Healy 3000 piece.

The shift handle and ball are 1961 Chevy.

Brandon Winters fabricated the sheet metal here.


We removed the stock dash and fitted a 1936 Ford dash to that space.

The cowl gas tank was removed which allowed space for the dash gauges, master cylinders and 

electrical components. A cowl hoop was installed to support the hanging brake pedal assembly and to add additional rigidity for the body. The cowl is designed to be removable to facilitate access to these components.

Stitches   courtesy of

"Fat Lucky"  Sean Johnstun