push bar brackets

Drilled and filled. You just have to look to imagine the number of hours and incredible talent here.

Lightening holes in the bar brackets matching the tail light brackets and the insane license plate/club plaque mounting brackets. All this work is typical of the unique fabrication detail throughout the car. Not a car that resembles anything else on the planet.

The Moon tank

The tank has a pre-mooneye logo dating it from the 50's with the original spinner cap. The Eelco tank brackets are NOS and removed from the package for this build. Spreader brackets were fabricated to compliment the design of these brackets and the fabricated nerf bar invokes the early 60's flavor. The entire tank assembly is installed on the quickly removable spreader bar for service.

Gas Tank Fabrication

The original gas tank located in the cowl was removed and I wanted to keep it's replacement away from the rear in a nod to safety. The new fabricated  aluminum tank sits below the rear seat, between the wheels and forward of the axel providing maximum protection. The tank has baffles installed and there is a protected vent exiting the left wheel well. The fill is recessed high into the bustle and sealed with a vintage "ATLAS" locking cap. The battery is anchored at the rear away from the tank.