The firewall

Steel aftermarket firewalls are available but long ago it was decided this car would have an aluminum firewall. We could have chromed the steel one and ended up with a chromed firewall but that's not the look I was going for. So instead of a couple hours worth of work, the choice of aluminum required more than forty hours of highly skilled fabrication, shaping and knitting several sheets of aluminum together that resulted in this seamless example of craftsmanship.

The motor

It started as a 348 and not a 409 for a reason. 

 In 1961 Chevy produced 453 Impalas with the SS option and out of those, just 142 were produced with the 409/360HP option. It would have been virtually impossible to secure a 409 for a non-factory race care that year. The older brother, the 348, had been around since 1958 though and boring and stroking this 1960 version, took care of those extra inches.

The Headers

2" tubes Fabricated by Jimmy White. Through the fenders into a side-by-side collector with an exhaust flange on the back of the collector. Pipes run behind splash pans and exit behind the running boards. Pipes are intentionally concealed so as to have the look of header only exhaust. Two nuts open the collectors.

Throttle Linkage

The Pedal and all linkage pieces including the pillow blocks are all Ansen late 50's early 60's,

NOS in the package.