The body

This Build was heavily influenced by Larry Teter's '32 Vicky that plied the dragstrips in the early 60's and I've been asked why I didn't build a deuce also. I chose the '31 simply because it had a shorter wheel base and this offers a little advantage out of the hole. All racers know that it's the sum total of the little advantages that win races. For this reason the '31 was a logical choice over the '32 for the starting platform.

A fellow on the H.A.M.B. found this car in Southern California in a barn, yes Really in a barn, where it had been sitting for nearly 50 years waiting for the owner to carry out the promise he must have made dozens of times to prospective buyers " don't want to sell - I'm gonna restore it", ever hear that?. That's just what he originally said to this guy. It seems the owner got this back in the late '50s from a farmer in the central valley who had begun to "restore" it and now He was going to pick up the mantel and finish it....... The fact is this would never have left the barn of the second owner unless the new buyer inferred ​he also would like to restore it!  So...this is what we started with, an original full fendered rust free southern California Victoria. It really was a great candidate for restoration as you can see from the photos here and it bothered me to hot rod it. Thankfully I was able to overcome that trepidation by the time I peeled off the last C note. If you look five rows down you can see that the original wood, of which the entire substructure was made up of, was still in fantastic condition. Any of the minor filling on the steel body that was required was done with Lead, the way it used to be.