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Build Fabrication

Jimmy White


​Sean "Fat Lucky" Johnstun

The Rodder's Journal #55 Features Terry O'Herren's menacing Gasser style 1931 Ford model A Victoria.

Terry Found inspiration in Larry Teter's well known C/Gas deuce Vicky from the early 60's but it took 40 years of fine tuning his own vision to arrive at the gorgeous lacquered coated street fighter you see here. Pat Ganahl explores Terry's journey through the interesting choices he made, like the use of the earlier '31 body style and the carbureted 348 inch W- motor instead of an injected small block. Jimmy White and his crew at Circle City Hot Rods in Orange, California, brought Terry's 40 year obsession into reality with their extraordinary level of detail and ingenuity, all the while maintaining the fairly strict pre-1962 build era.

The result is a hard-charging Hot Rod that wouldn't look a bit out of place on the streets or strips of Southern California in the very early '60's.

   - The Rodder's Journal promo #55

The only way to really see the craftsmanship and detail that Jimmy (White) and his Circle City Hot Rods team invested in this project is to climb underneath, inside, under the hood - and then you'd still miss tons of it....

Just look at the four-sided, drilled and filled mounting brackets (on the push bar) to get an idea of how much work went into this piece of art.

It's typical of the work throughout the car...

Yes, what it amounts to is a Hot Rod built the way the better ones used to be... 

 - Pat Ganahl writting for the Rodder's Journal

All Photographs of the finished Vicky on this site were created by Geoff Miles and Steve Coonan of The Rodder's Journal - Many thanks!


O'Herren Vicky Gasser

      A Forty year Obsession